Occupant satisfaction evaluation

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Recognised industry good practice in understanding user perceptions of buildings

The BUS Methodology has been created from thirty years of continuous development in building use studies. Buildings in use can be more complicated than many people realise, with a host of variables that are constantly changing. The BUS Methodology helps to capture as much of this complexity as possible without overwhelming occupants with too many questions. It highlights both good and less favourable building performance.

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Survey methodology refined over 30 years and applied consistently to
over 850 benchmarked surveys worldwide with over 70,000 individual responses

Delivered through a partner network

The BUS Methodology is licensed only to trained and experienced partners. Our partners will guide you in the best way to carry out the surveys and interpret the results.

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Partner Network

The BUS Methodology Partner Network is collaborating with Delos to deliver a BUS Well-being Survey

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